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{April 4, 2007}   More Reefer Talk


Another post was to run here today but the writer decided to pull it (try to imagine how much I hate this kind of shit), so I need to come up with something else.

Why not continue to talk about pot and the silly approach here in Cincinnati?

On Monday, we ran a YouTube clip of Leslie Ghiz getting all defensive about the anti-marijuana ordinance here. It’s quite funny. Below is another clip – this one from the latest “Real Time with Bill Maher” – talking about his view on weed.

What’s your take on it? Do we need those tough drug laws here to keep our Cincinnati sidewalks safe? Do you think we need to lock up pot smokers?

Larry Gross

(Poster ripped off from google while stoned)


Tom says:

Do you think we need to lock up pot smokers?

Of course not. Go after the harder stuff and leave pot smokers alone.

Jacob says:

Maher’s show is taped in California. This blog is in Ohio. Doesn’t matter where – laws are needed to control drugs and pot is a drug.

Jackie says:

Cincinnati has enough problems without worrying about weed. Will we ever get our heads on straight?

Biscuit says:

Alcohol is also a drug and does more damage than pot. Should that be illegal too? The pot laws are ridiculous- legalize it! By the way I don’t smoke pot or drink alcohol- while you live your lives in a stoned stupor- I will slowly take over the world.

Jack says:

Maher’s comments were a scream.

Of course pot should be legal. ALL drugs should be legal. Just like with alcohol, if a person wants to kill themselves, it’s their right.

Del says:

Alcohol is far worse than weed. If you’re gonna outlaw one, outlaw them both.

Lenny says:

Waste of taxpayer’s money-locking up pot smokers.

I saw that marijuana magnet at Spencer’s.

The other one was: Marijuana! Proud sponsor of, um… we forget!

You guys know where I stand on this issue: the laws cause more damage (to families, to taxpayers, to individuals, to communities in the form of organized crime) than the drugs.


the libertarian in me says all i want from my gov’t is the roads paved, you can’t kill, rape or steal, and nobody bombing us. seriously.

make it all legal–drugs, prostitution–all the vice stuff. seat belts, speed limts, motorcycle helmets–let us make our own choices. abortion, birth control, all those “uterus” issues–stay outta it!

the pot laws are the force of a paternalistic gov’t at its worst.

Marilyn says:

Heather, my (adult) daughter had a ‘fridge magnet that read, “Jesus is coming, hide your bong!”

When I related this statement to a friend, he replied, “Yeah, he’d wanna bogart that!” To be sure, this friend is a smart ass!

Erin says:

I agree with EVERYTHING you’re saying, but the current government we have is stuck in the mud. I don’t see anything changing.

Barbara says:

A city WITHOUT drug laws? That’s nuts.

Matt says:

Let me quess – you’re a west sider, lived here all your life and you’re conservative.

’bout got it right?

Every Cincinnatian says:

We have that postcard on our refrigerators at home, compliments of a caring friend.

C.A. says:

some people find treatment from these laws….i’ve definitely seen that firsthand. but if they needed it, they could find treatment without them too. hmm. booze and cigarettes are legal still. well, booze is. i’m not sure abt smokes, b/c i have to go to ky to buy them, so i still feel kind of like i’m in the middle of prohibition, wearing some kind of dress that pushes up my bosom.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

As far as I’m concerned, less laws = less crimes.

Gus_J says:

Cannabis isn’t illegal to protect you from the “harmful” effects. Cannabis is illegal for mostly political reasons. If cannabis cultivation was legal, there would be less controls on hemp cultivation therefore making it less expensive and more profitable. This would yield more entrepreneurs producing textiles, paper, fuel, medicine. Yes, all of these things can be made from hemp. Textiles= hemp makes a fabric with a fiber strength exponentially superior to cotton. During the first two world wars, parachutes were made from hemp fiber. How many lives did hemp save here? Paper= The constitution is written on hemp. There’s a good chance if it were written on wood pulp paper, it would be dust. Fuel= Just go here and read all about it. Medicine= The pharmaceutical industry currently produces a synthetic drug called marinol. It is basically synthetic thc (active ingredient)in pill form. It’s not nearly as effective as the real thing.

Hemp was the first crop produced in the colonies. It was mandatory for you to cultivate hemp if you lived in the Jamestown settlement.

Cannabis is illegal mostly due to DuPont and the milling industry. They really wanted to corner the market on paper and other industries. These were and are powerful people that can buy legislation. In 1937 the Marihuana tax act was passed. This meant you had to purchase a tax stamp like the tobacco industry now uses. They then didn’t offer the stamp, making it illegal to buy or sell cannabis. In 1970 Timothy Leary challenged the legality of the tax act and the court found in his favor. They then passed the controlled substances act.

Local governments make alot of money off cannabis possession. Most people charged with possessing a personal amount of cannabis pay their steep fine and attends whatever compulsory class the court makes you pay to attend. People that can afford an attorney the the judge smokes pot with get off.

Marihuana is a made up word that the government and industry used when they were trying to sell public outcry. They said marihuana causes death, rape, insanity, etc. They chose the word because it sounded Mexican, and people were afraid of these “colored” people almost as they were afraid of black people. So even the word they made up for this easily cultivatable plant that could offset many of the worlds agricultural, environmental and war causing problems has racist undertones.

All of the worlds problems can and will be solved. For this to happen, contracts have to be broken and powerful people will lose money. Fuel can be produced from all kinds of things. There is enough food on this planet to feed every person. There is enough habitable land available for everyone to live in a decent climate. Aids was probably manufactured to kill “useless eaters” I am suspicious about Cancer too.

Wake up people. Don’t accept lies.

Biscuit says:

C.A. You wear a bosom pushing up dress when you buy your smokes? Sweet.

Gus_J says:

Biscuit, C.A.’s hot in her cig buying gettup. I’ve witnessed it.

It’s a wonder to me how women ever wore corsets. Friggin’ torture device if you ask me. High heels too. For real.

Jen says:

Thank you. I really got myself an education on hemp and pot – things I had no idea about. Thanks again!

Patty says:

I just watched the clip. Maher cracks me up. I wish I could afford cable.

Jeannie says:

Commonsense is that pot should be legal. Question: How come we can’t find people in government with commonsense?


jeannie–because money doesn’t buy common sense. it buys elected office.

there are too many people making too much money off The Way Things Are.
they see no future in The Way Things Should Be. TWTSB means we all gotta share–and who would wanna do that?!?

Gus_J says:

Thanks Jen, pass it on.

“How come we can’t find people in government with commonsense?”

I like the Foxy response a lot because she’s (I’m assuming she) right, but I must add that we the people are often romanced by the soap opera bullshit that happens around election time. Therefore we should also ask – Why can’t we elect a government with common sense?

You can’t steal a landslide.

Marilyn says:

I just got back from a day out, running errands, with my mother and sister.

On the way home, mom somehow got onto a rant about how the great civilizations crumbled when morals crashed. She cited Rome and Sodom and Gomorrah.

I looked at her and asked her if she truly believed that woman truly turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back on the city of sin… no-o-o-o she thoughtfully replied (my mother does make an effort to think outside the box when provoked).

I told her that yeah, we’d heard all our lives that the debachery that was Rome caused its downfall. But I told her that we didn’t know that for sure. (I need more history lessons.) I explained that the most likely cause for the downfall was the corruption of those in power. Bless her for being open to new ideas.

She’s still pondering this.

I told her, however, that I was moving to Amsterdam where drugs and prostitution are legal and crime is very low.

Marilyn says:

PS. Don’t know if anyone noticed, but LOL blog now has a link leading here from the LOL column! We be recognized!

Jeff says:

Ah yes, Amsterdam. I have dreams of living there.

Maggie says:

I told her, however, that I was moving to Amsterdam where drugs and prostitution are legal and crime is very low.

–we should take a lesson from Amsterdam and start thinking outside the old box. Will we? Sad to say not in my lifetime. The good old USA isn’t always so good.

Tangy says:

I agree with Larry Gross (and Bill Maher) 100%. Drug laws in this country do more harm than good. Make all drugs legal.

Joe says:

Thank god this isn’t Amsterdam. Drugs are bad, liberals. Laws are in place for a reason, liberals. Some of us have children to protect, liberals.

Marilyn says:

Joe, that is precisely what my mother said.

To which I answered, the folks who are going to do drugs, will. No matter what the law. Make it legal and get rid of violence.

You conservative, you.

Man of the Hour says:

Hey, according to the Cincinnati Beacon, council gal Leslie Ghiz likes to drink on the job. Let’s get her stoned ya ‘all – bet she would be a hell of a good time.

Gus_J says:

What’s your drug Joe?

Man of the Hour says:

What’s your drug Joe?

………probably the bible. just a guess.

The Outsider says:

Joe’s drug is probably the media.

Just say no to drugs.

Here’s your brain fryed on drugs.

The bullshit on FOX news.

Cincinnati City Council.

The Cincinnati Enquirer.

His local church.

His Parents.

His friends.

And on and on.

Joe has been brainwashed.

He’s not all alone

Marilyn says:

Outsider, he will likely think you crazy. I know you are dead on.

Karen says:

great post!

Teddy Bear says:

Smoked pot for awhile which led to LSD which lead to pills which led to god knows what.

I’m clean now – rehab a couple years ago.

Drugs ain’t worth it. Laws against it are.

Marilyn says:

Teddy Bear, the laws against it were in effect when you did these, right?

That was no deterrent.

I’m glad you are clean if this is best for you.

However, if legalizing drugs will minimize gun violence (which I think it will), I still am for it.

Teddy Bear says:

Marilyn, I am clean. Thank Jesus – my true friend and savior.

Ned says:

Bill Maher makes me laugh – and he makes so much sense.

jackula says:

drugs, drinks, all the rest………………….

get behind me satin and push.

Marilyn says:

Teddy Bear, many prophets have come to teach us. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for 39 years.

I also listen to the teachings of Buddha, Muhammed, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King.

None of them teach against drugs, they only teach that we should treat our fellow man as we would be treated. I live by this teaching.

Teddy Bear says:

Your heart is in the right place. Marilyn, may God less you.

numb says:

gross is nothing more than a rolling paper.

Gus_J says:

Teddy Bear, your heart is also in the right place and I’m glad you found the help you needed. I have very dear friends who have also beaten addiction and every day I reflect on how glad I am they are still around. Cannabis for the most part is what we’re talking about here. Cannabis is not physically addictive. Mentally, perhaps… in the same way television, overeating, excess shopping, etc. is. LSD and pills do not come forth naturally from the earth. They for the most part are mans creation. Many situations that we face today are not defined in black and white. Many problems have multiple facets, and the best way to deal with these issues is hold them up to a bright light and examine all the facets. I urge you to take an academic approach to this, keep an open mind and re-examine things. Cannabis is no more a “gateway drug” that facilitates addiction than church bingo is to a serious gambling problem. And the war on drugs has caused more damage than good. Again brother, you have my utmost respect for getting your situation under control.

David Gallaher says:

Everyone who thinks that if we can just get marijuana legalized, Goddess will be in her Heaven and all will be right with Her World, is myopic.

Drugs–the specific type of drugs–are not the problem! Prohibition is the problem.

To paraphrase Karl Marx: Workers of the world, rise up and cast off your chains… and your hysteria about certain drugs!

If the Founders of our fine country had had any inkling their descendents could be so fucking stupid as to pull Prohibition and the War on Drugs out of their collective asses, they would have been sure to make the Second Amendment the right to put the substance of one’s choosing into ones body.
Wasn’t the First Amendment the right to put the ideas of ones choosing into ones mind? How much more fucking risky was that?

Give me a break!

David Gallaher says:

“Your heart is in the right place. Marilyn, may God less you.”

May Goddess “more” you and “less” me.

Marilyn says:

David, since 1972 (or 1973?) I’ve used Goddess to refer to a higher power… But of course, whatever this higher power is (I rather think of it as the collective consiousness) is genderless.

Gus_J says:

Marilyn, we’re on the same page. I like to refer to god in conversation in the feminine sense. It makes some people think, and others angry. I like the Buddhist collective conscious approach though, some people will never understand that concept. I like to give the good ol’ boys history lessons too. Some are offended when you inform them that if there was indeed a Jesus, he was a brother.

hard as nails says:

someone needs to ask maher what he thinks of god.

Marilyn says:

Gus, interesting you should cite Buddhism. I’ve been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for 4 years now!

I’m so jazzed to have tickets to see the Dalai Lama in October in Bloomington, IN. My friend Rita and I have tickets for the entire 3-day affair! Whoo Hoo!

David Gallaher says:

The Little Woman and I drove all the way down to Berea, KY, years ago to hear Dalai (his closest friends call him that??).
Howard Wilkinson of the Inkwar is our witness.
It was a speech/lecture about peace.
How many folks have been to a lecture purely and simply about peace?
We were thrilled to have had the chance to hear it.

Speaking of Goddess, I’m now reading the book titled, “The Jesus Family Tomb.” Just in time for Easter.

Marilyn says:

David, I consider it an incredible honor to be among the audience of HH Dalai Lama! (I guess I can call him Dalai only after I’ve seen him?!)

I saw the special on Discovery or History (forget which) of The Jesus Family Tomb. It was only mildly interesting. How’s the book?

David Gallaher says:

How’s the book?
It has me convinced, but I was already a nudistic, anarchistic, atheistic dude with a hefty package, so I can’t be trusted.

Marilyn says:

So you are convinced that they have found the ossuary that contained Jesus’ bones, his brother James’ and even bones of Mary Magdalen? Too cool!

I’m firmly convicted that Mary Magdalen was a huge factor in Jesus’ life. I’m also convinced that the Catholic Church, back in the day, squelched this fact so as to not give women too much credibility.

But that’s just me.

Marilyn says:

P.S. quit yer braggin’ about that package!

David Gallaher says:

“I’m firmly convicted that Mary Magdalen was a huge factor in Jesus’ life. I’m also convinced that the Catholic Church, back in the day, squelched this fact so as to not give women too much credibility.”

Mary Magdalen may have been just one player in a larger “squelching.” The book talks about how Jesus and his contemporaries, Judeo-Christians, or Ebionites, became an embarrassment to both Christians and Jews, and were thus largely lost to history. (They became like that part of the female anatomy called the “taint.”)

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