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{April 5, 2007}   Reefer Madness Theme Week


Well, not really. It’s just on my mind these days since a lot of us here in Cincinnati are amazed as to how backward we are when it comes to pot (actually, we’re backward on a whole lot of other things too but that’s another post for another day).

Leslie Ghiz, I’m pretty sure you don’t read our little blog here, but anyone out there reading this who knows her, please have her visit here and watch the video below. If she would just do that, then I would ask her questions like:

• Do you think people who smoke grass actually act like this?
• Do you really think people who do a little weed should do jail time?
• After watching this video, don’t you feel a little foolish?

Now let’s go smoke a joint together.

Larry Gross

(Photo of man who has gone mad from smoking reefer is from


Taylor says:

I’m assuming this was shot somewhere in Western Hills.

Matt says:

I’ve probably watched “Reefer Madness” about a dozen times but I’ve never seen this promo for it. Damn funny.

Karen says:


Kathy Patter says:

Get on one subject and beat it into the ground much?

Biscuit says:

I would find it hard ot believe that Leslie has never smoked pot- maybe that’s possible. Everyone I’ve known has at least tried it- of course I hang out with ne’er-do-wells, probably much like the LOL readership.

Kathy Patter, I don’t know why, but everytime you bust out with one of your “….much?” it cracks me up.

Kathy Patter says:

Sucking up to me much?

Biscuit says:


Del says:

Reefer Madness is one of my all time favorite movies. I often watch it just to remind myself that smoking reefer makes me “normal.”

Brian says:

You’ve basically written this same post three times this week and all three were boring.

Marilyn says:

I own a VHS copy of Reefer Madness and it never fails to amuse! Perhaps I’ll dig it out and watch it this afternoon in honor of Reefer Madness Theme Week.

Marilyn says:

Another thought (yeah, I have them sometimes).

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, during my junior high and high school times, we were shown movies of people on acid… This was to act as a deterrent on our young minds, see?

I remember clearly one scene: A fellow was tripping on acid and he looked in the mirror. Much to his horror (and our amusement) he saw a badly made-up monster face looking back at him!

The result of this was, of course, we all wanted to try it — it looked pretty cool!

Jill says:

If there ANY city that needs to make pot legal it’s Cincinnati. I lived there for two years and got the hell out. Uptight and unfriendly.

Gus_J says:

The piano player dude is my favorite. I think it’s funny that we still don’t know who funded this thing. A lot of people point fingers at DuPont and Hearst, but there’s no concrete evidence to support either claim. They had the most motive though… and it worked, the Marihuana tax act was passed the following year.

Janet says:

Oh yes, the piano man is a hoot.

Becky says:

I loved all the couples making out madly. I gotta go rent this movie!

Gus_J says:

Or you could go watch it here for free.

It’s considered public domain now.

Becky says:

Thanks Gus! 🙂

David Gallaher says:

As I implied on the just previous topic, all you pot smokers may be hurting your case by going hat-in-hand to the asshole politicians to explain that pot ain’t really that bad. Irrellevant.
Meanwhile I’ll keep making the case that the War on Drugs is something the Supreme Court should have put the kibosh on long ago.
(Not to mention the little matter of genocide of young, black males as a by-product.)

How’s this for a horrible premonition? They call off the War on Drugs so they can save money to spend it on the War on Terror.

(Once you become a peaceful anarchist, you will see that the ONLY thing governments can do is wage wars using hyeteria as their tool for raising the necessary tax revenue.)

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