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{April 6, 2007}   What’s Best About Cincinnati?


Best Of week is over and that’s all right with me. Trying to think positive about Cincinnati gives me a headache and makes me grumpy. You all know I’m Mr. Negative – go ask Brian Griffin (just for fun, click here and go down to the Best Blog Beef. Brian and I will be having cyber sex tomorrow).

In the Best Of issue, I wrote a column with the exact same title as this post. Click here to read it.

I’ll wait………………………

Did you read it? I’m assuming you did. As you know, I didn’t find out much, because few people would stop to talk to me.

I’m giving you a second chance, Cincinnati. What’s best about Cincinnati, folks. Tell me. I’m not approaching you on the street this time – you can hide behind your computers. I’m making it easier this time around.

Brian, you’re welcome to respond too.

Larry Gross

(Artwork from Casey Riordan Millard)


Polly says:

The best thing about Cincinnati is the people. You and I disagree on this completely. The people here are very nice.

Chin says:

I enjoy going to your Finley Market on Saturday, enjoy the diversity there.

hard as nails says:

What’s best about Cincinnati, folks.

the quiet sidewalks downtown?

Jim Stanton says:

Cincinnati has its faults, but I think it is a very decent town to raise a family in and in comparison to other cities, much less expensive.

Jill says:

Best thing about Cincinnati? Me!

Tom says:

What’s best about Cincinnati? If you’re homeless, Cincinnati is a great place to live. So many empty buildings.

Debbie says:

The chili – of course!!

Duke says:

I think we’re lucky to have the oldest baseball team in the league. Now if we could just get the Cincinnati Reds to win more games!

Biscuit says:

I’ve lived a few cities and the people in cincinnati are incredibly nice. Just walking down the street people smile as they pass- you don’t get that everywhere.

Kevin says:

Man, Biscuit, what the hell are you smoking this morning. What you’re saying is “reefer madness?”

Marilyn says:

One good thing? I had to wrack my noggin for a while, but I have noticed that drivers (in general) in Cincy are more polite than in other cities I’ve visited.

Gee Larry, I want to watch the cyber love between Gross and Griffin!

Brian C. says:

Best thing? Hmm, knowing that there are plenty of people here who do NOT fit into our li’l town’s reputation of conservative idiocy. I’ve found quite a few neobohemians and other dubious types scattered around various neighborhoods and they’re one of our few saving graces. It’s the power structure here that’s all fucked up, not the people.
Well, some of the people.

Tate says:

The best thing about Cincinnati is the airport which takes me away from this fucking place.

Matt says:

What’s best about Cincinnati? Northern Kentucky!

Kelly says:

The police department

Marilyn says:

Kelly, surely you jest?!

Scott says:

I really like the new Fountain Square and the new restaurants around it. I think Cincinnati is on the upswing.

T. Burn says:

I’m here because of a job. That’s the only reason. Cincinnati is unfriendy, boring and there isn’t much I like about it.

Billy says:

What’s best about Cincinnati?

I’m thinking, I’m thinking!!!!!!

Ned says:

I think you would have gotten a bigger response here if you changed your question to what’s WORSE about Cincinnati. Afterall, this is the negective blog here in town.

Man of the Hour says:

Best thing about Cincinnati? Perhaps the easy purchase of crack. Just kidding. I can’t really think of anything that’s best.

Judith says:

The question is an interesting one and very telling. I’ve been thinking about it some all day. I don’t think Cincinnati is a horrible place to live but nothing really stands out here. Maybe its because I’m born and raised here.

hard as nails says:

hookers in otr are inexpensive?

Dan says:

You can get a nice house for your money.

Tim says:

“You can get a nice house for your money.”

You can get a nice house for your money in Detroit too, but what do you really have? You don’t have a community on the up swing. Just like Detroit, Cincinnati is on the decline.

Man of the Hour says:

Hard As Nails,

Hookers in OTR might be cheap, but you get better looking women in Covington. Not that I have first hand experience with this.

testy says:

cincinnati chili makes me fart and i so enjoy that. its the best thing about cincinnati.

numb says:

you. no. totally false.

David Gallaher says:

Sinincincinnati is a great place to escape some of the Bible-thumping idiocy of Dixie while being near enough to escape quickly back into that “briar patch,” in case of emergency.

Marilyn says:

Ah, David, don’t get me started on Bible thumpers! I was born and raised with Appalachia mind set.

David Gallaher says:

Have you read the new Senator from Virginia, Jim Webb’s book, “Born Fighting”?
The hillbilly mentality has it’s good points and bad. It’s why I like to look wistfully out over the river now and then.
Speaking of good points, I’m from the Nashville area.

Gus_J says:

David, you should read Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History Of The United States 1492-present.” How was “Born Fighting” I was thinking about picking it up the other day. I like Webb (for a politician) mostly because he’s a thorn in Bush’s side.

Marilyn says:

David, as an airforce brat, I was born in Tucson, AZ, but brought back here for the raisin’.

My father and his family hailed from Hazard, KY so you KNOW that I know the appalchian mentality.

Best feature of that mentality: Good family bonding.

Worst feature: Women are inferior to men. That part REALLY sucks from my perspective. Imagine being the daughter of someone who thinks in such a way.

David Gallaher says:

As a peaceful anarchist, I don’t vote, but the Obama-Webb ticket would be mighty appealing.
Another excellent book on the Scots-Irish in America is “Albion’s Seed” by David Hackett Fischer.
Thanks for your tip about Zinn’s book.
Not to carry this book thing too far, but check out the novels by James Whorton, Jr., who lives down in NE TN. They are a hoot. “Frankland” will teach some early Tennessee history.

Gus_J says:

David, Cool… thanks, I will. I’m always looking for a good read.

Marilyn, I grew up in a combination New York and Virginia, talk about culture clash. My mothers family is from the Shenandoah Valley near the WV border in the hills and I spent a lot of time there too. I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s pretty strange sometimes. It’s an odd thing, most of the women in the family are very strong, they broke the male dominance mold while rearing their children, but they fall into the old rhythm sometimes at family gatherings. Sometimes like it’s a sentimental thing, so they can relive why they fought a sociological battle. Is it this way with your people too?

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