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{April 7, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


Alright, not really taken in Cincinnati, but we want to make fun of Ann every chance we can get.

Tom Anus.

(Photo of Ann from her book publisher. No, that’s a lie – just kidding around. Photo found on the wonderful world of the google)


Polly says:

Topless Ann Coulter: Sickening in more ways than one.

Harvey says:

Nipples to die for? Hardly.

Rita says:

Well, at least we may now know why she is so pissed off and has an attitude.

hard as nails says:

she’s no lol girl.

Marilyn says:

Bush is the antichrist and Coulter one of his minions.

Gus_J says:

Look at those man hands. I know some neo-cons that think she’s attractive, I don’t get it. I know this is a joke and all, but I could totally see her doing this to sell books. She’s such a whore.

Matt says:

I also amazed that some men find this bitch attractive. I doubt if I could even it it up with her.

Butch says:

God, make her put her top back on.

Susan says:

This site is becoming tasteless more and more. What — nudity here now?

Gus_J says:

Susan, this is ha ha funny nudity. Not sexytime nudity. The joke (in case you missed it) is that Coulter would probably do this to get attention now that everyone thinks she’s full of it. Plus, what’s the matter? Everybody loves boobs! Is there anyone here that doesn’t love boobs? Susan, you should start by liking your own boobs. Just a suggestion.

Becky says:

Hey Gus,
I like my boobs just fine!!

David Gallaher says:

Hell, I even like Susan’s boobs, sight unseen.

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