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{April 12, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


What’s with this guy’s pants?

Did he take them out of the dryer before they were dry?

Is this just the way the jeans were designed – like you know – like you just pissed in them?

Was this photo really taken over at CiN Weekly?

Tom Anus

(Photo of this disgusting guy taken from


Babble On says:

Even THIS is better than those lousy Candy Apple Posts. Why do you keep running her every week?

Becky says:

A fashion statement? I don’t think so.

hard as nails says:

rode hard and put away wet?

Polly says:

God, is this my son? Kidding, I’m hoping.

I have to agree with Babble On. The Candy posts are annoying. She’s too all over the place and gives me (and I think a lot of others) a headache.

Del says:

This is gonna haunt this guy for years to come.

Man of the Hour says:

I meant he got a nice, warm feeling down there!

Karen says:

Sickening and disgustingly funny!

Judge Judy says:

Looking at a guy who has pissed in his pants is even better than your Candy Apple posts. Geeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Jackie says:

Man, quit being so negative on Candy. Some of us like her posts.

Jennifer White says:

Go Beta Indeed!!

Judy says:

Hey Foxy, where did you find that photo of Fergie?

Rapid Shave says:

This guy can’t hold his beer or his piss. College boy!

Nickie says:

really, really gross.

Rita says:

It is really a social statement regarding how Bush has pissed on the Country. I’m surprised no one else figured that out.

Janice says:

It should be no surprise to me at all that you would post something like this. There’s no humor here, just shock. Your blog continues to hit new lows.

Matt says:

Janice, you need to chill. This was all in fun.

David Gallaher says:

What kind of topping did he order on the pizza?
And does that pizza company operate in Sinincincinnati?
I wouldn’t, but I’m sure Janice would like a slice!

Marilyn says:

OMG! As usual, Rita has cut right to the bone! I can’t believe none of you get this! Ye infidels!

Toast says:

I’m guessing is dick was hanging from the right? That’s where most of the wet stuff is.

David Gallaher says:

I don’t think there is any “bone” involved in the image.
A hefty package, maybe.
You have a one-track mind.
hee hee

Marilyn says:

Ah David, ye have found me out!

I actually relate and feel for the poor fellow in the piss-pants. There but for the grace of Goddess go I!

MC Pee Pants says:

I want candy

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