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{April 12, 2007}   It’s Beer-Thirty


I am very direct. Not subtle. Don’t ever think my words have double meanings.

I try to be crystal fucking clear, but usually not successful. Now I’m embarrassed. It’s beer-thirty.

I’m waiting on fucking late rude free cycle people who never show up on time. This group sucks. just popped up on my computer. What’s your sign baby?

Guess mine….and don’t tell me you’re not into that. It’s just a question.

Candy Apple

(Photo from


Mac says:

Beer – Thirty already? Show me to the bar that’s open!

Polly says:

You think you’re direct? Your the most rambling person on this blog!

Roger says:

You’re cute 🙂

Babble On says:

She may be cute but she’s dumb as a rock. What’s the point of this?

dooly says:

you’re more than a mess. a woman after my own heart!

Jackie says:

I sort of like the Candy Apple posts or I should say they grow on you. I like the rambling style and the fact she’s all over the map.

cathy patter says:

stupid trash much?

Bill says:

Take a hint: No more Apple.

Judge Judy says:

What’s your sign baby?

I’m a stop-sign, baby. Please stop.

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