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{April 13, 2007}   I Wanted it Too


No, it certainly wasn’t rape. I wanted it too.

We met at a bar in Mt. Adams. I was with a group of friends who knew him and he joined us. He had long black hair, blue eyes and was thin. I liked the way he looked.

We hit it off. He was charming and witty and funny. He turned me on and it was becoming clear that he was trying to pick me up. He was succeeding.

When the group broke up, I went home with him, went back to his apartment in Walnut Hills.

While making out in bed, I asked him if he had protection. I told him I wasn’t on birth control pills, because they make me crazy. He assured me he had protection.

In the heat of passion, I guess we both forgot about it. After he pulled out of me, that’s when I noticed that something was missing.

He assured me that everything would be all right – but now three weeks later I’ve missed my period. I think maybe I’m pregnant.

I can’t help but wonder: Was I tricked?


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Jeff says:

Getting caught up in the moment doesn’t mean you were tricked. Have you told your boyfriend about missing your period? Try communicating with him.

Polly says:

I can’t help but wonder: Was I tricked?

I think you’re tricking us. This sounds make up.

Vickie says:

When it comes to having sex, do you think a guy is going to think about protection? Most are just interested in getting the job done. They are not the one who will have to carry a baby for nine months.

Matt says:

Are you and this guy still going out? If you can’t find him now, then maybe you were tricked.

Rita says:

Let’s see – just met someone for the first time – didn’t really know who the hell he was – went to his apt. and had sex – relied on him to use a condom. Were you tricked? That’s not the word I would use to describe your lack of judgement. I’m sure there must be some Bundy relative out there you can hook up with. Keep looking.

cathy patter says:

Brandy: Loose much?

Gus_J says:

I’m pretty sure women can buy condoms too. Although, if you consult the rulebook, his place, his rubbers. At any rate, this is how the species propagates. I wonder how many of us were planned vs. how many just happened?
Did dude give you the flowers already wilting? Weak.

Tom says:

Ever notice the strangeness on this blog when it comes to women writing posts? Marilyn is the only one who seems somewhat normal. Candy Apple is a rambling A.D.D. mess. Teri Archer will sleep with anyone who has a dick and now Brandy is thinking she’s knocked up.

Drama folks, drama.

Therasa says:

Rita is totally right here, Brandy. Really bad judgement on your part – sleeping with a guy who don’t know at all. Think you can learn from this?

Biscuit says:

Why did you bring up rape- even if it was to say that it wasn’t rape? Just curious- I bet genital warts are a drag

genital warts much? …. shit, it doesn’t work for me.


this is beyond stupid.

i was gonna rant, but it’s not even worth the energy.

cathy patter says:

slut much?
(biscuit, I did this one just for you)

Marilyn says:

Ah, when I was much younger (and dumber) I fell into some stupid stuff a couple of times. Only once in my life, did I pray (PRAY!) for my period. Fortunately, Goddess has really looked out for this stupid one!

Lord, does anyone remember the days BEFORE Aids?


I asked my grandmother once what they did for birth control “way back when”–she said, “we prayed a lot.” hehe.

Brian C. says:

Hey, I hope you’re not pregnant but you didn’t exactly have a gun to your head either so don’t even mention rape b/c that does NOT apply here.

And last time I checked, rubbers were still small enough to fit in a purse so a gyrl can take ’em wherever she goes, wherever she winds up. Something to think about for next time. Good luck with the bloodflow.

Darlene says:



Nancy says:

And last time I checked, rubbers were still small enough to fit in a purse so a gyrl can take ‘em wherever she goes, wherever she winds up.

Excuse me, Brian. You think its up to the woman to carry around the rubbers with her? That’s BULLSHIT. A typical male comment.

Matt says:

Why do you think it’s up to the gal to bring the protection? I think you just stepped in it, pal.

Amy says:

Man, Brian. You expect your woman to carry rubbers in her purse? You must be joking. Either that or you’re a pig.

Billy Boy says:

You slept with a dude you just met at a bar? Give me your real name and phone number, babe. I’ve been working for a honey like you.

Man of the Hour says:

How come I can find loose woman with Brandy or that Teri gal. I must be going to the wrong bars.

Biscuit says:

Why would it be “piggish” to suggest that a woman carry rubbers? We are all responsible to take care of ourselves. Does carrying condoms for her own protection offend her delicate sensibilties?


seems to me that if you’re gonna fall in the sack with every new feller you meet, you’d have the protecion angle covered for yourself!

Del says:

“Does carrying condoms for her own protection offend her delicate sensibilties?”

Apparently. Women: Can’t live with them, can’t kill them.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Hey Del,
Go fuck yourself.

Marilyn says:

Hey guys, I’ve ALWAYS (one stupid exception–remember I prayed for Auntie Flo?!) taken responsibility for not getting pregnant — and sucessfully too! Lessee, the pill, diaphrams, condoms, and some weird ass film thang (?). Sadly, I missed out on the ‘sponge’ and ‘spongeworthy-ness’ escapade. Where was I then?

After all, you don’t just carry a baby for 9 months, it’s yours until one of you dies.

Del says:

Hey, Bitch from Price Hill,

I would rather screw myself than a BITCH like you. And you deserve Price Hill.

Marilyn says:

Hey, play nice!

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Oh yeah, Del? With a name like “Del,” you’re probably dickless even when you get a hard on. Loser.

C.A. says:

I feel reborn. Women can buy rubbers. What next, will we get to vote?

Matt says:

Bitch from Price Hill and Del –sitting in a tree- k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Probably not.

Marilyn says:

Why would Del screw himself (Del’s words, not mine)? Hmmm, I guess because he can…

Tate says:

Gotten a little strange here today with the comments. Kind of like the good old days here.

Karen says:

We haven’t had a good old fight here for a long time!!

Marilyn says:

Tate, it’s always strange here.

Food Fight!!

Erin says:

If you’re gonna sleep with a guy who don’t know and forget about birth control, what do you want from us? To be sorry for you? You made your bed, ya know?

Polo Stick says:

Are you sure your name is Teri Archer?

Jay says:

Interesting. You say at the beginning of your story that you don’t think it was rape, but if it wasn’t why did you start your story that way?

Why you would sleep with a guy you didn’t know isn’t my business, but I think you need to wise up. Think about the results of your actions – know what I’m saying.

numb says:

z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z- Z.

Amber says:

All I can say is if you’re knocked up, it is your own fault. You’re a grown women, responsible for your own actions. Deal with it.

Brian C. says:

Yeah, I’m a pig b/c I’m saying Brandy should have rubbers just in case.

Then SHE’S the one who gets to say “Here, you gotta put this on. No glove, no love, honey.” SHE gets to be the one in control, of her sexuality, of whether she has to worry about pregnancy or disease . . .

Yeah, and I’m a pig b/c I think she should have that power.

Marilyn says:

Brian, I doubt very much that you are a pig…

You totally “get it”!

Goddess love ya!

Brian, you’re not a pig. Anyone who wants to have sex should take responsibility for their actions; take a pill, buy a rubber, find an adoption agency, start shopping for carseats and cribs, or whatever.

It seems common sense to me that the person who will be stuck with a human being growing inside of them bears a little more responsibilty; biology isn’t fair gals, no one said it was.

Of course anyone can get a disease !

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