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{April 14, 2007}   The Woman is Ruth Lyons


I don’t exactly consider myself old (yet), but a lot of people that I hang out with are younger than me and so many born and raised here don’t have any idea of our rich television history.

Back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, local television was abundant. We had “The Paul Dixon Show,” “Midwestern Hayride,” “The Nick Clooney Show,” “Uncle Al,” “Larry Smith & his Puppets,” “Scream-in with the Cool Ghoul,” and on and on.

But there was one woman who was probably bigger than anybody – even Paul Dixon. Her name was Ruth Lyons and she hosted the “Fifty-Fifty Club” here for years.

Below is a chip from channel 5 which aired the evening after she died. This will give a lot of you an education on this local television legend.

The main anchor on this newscast is a guy I think you’ll recognize.

Larry Gross

(Photo of Ruth Lyons from WLWT Television)


Becky says:

I’m too young to remember Ruth Lyons and from looking at the clip, I don’t think I missed very much.

John T. Sixteen says:

Maybe you have to be of a certain age to appreciate just how touching this clip is and what an impact she had. Not even Jerry Springer’s appearance on this clip can taint her image and that is really saying something.

Marilyn says:

Larry thanks for that retrospective. Lord, I’d forgotten that Springer (who is no dummy!) was a news anchor!

Ah, even though he is not in her league, I’d like to see if there is something out there about Bob Shreve.

Yeah, I’m almost old!

Jill says:

I remember my mom always watching her. I liked the clip.

hard as nails says:

i see old bob hope on the clip. does anyone out there think the guy was funny?

Gus_J says:

What a good human Ruth Lyons was. Marilyn, I wish I could agree. Springer has said and written some good things, but, I used to listen to him in the morning when he had a radio show on Air America from 9-12. While his canned responses and written bits are good when he has to go spur of the moment (3 hours to fill… lot’s of call-ins responses) he shows his true colors. He’s pretty slow witted, er, retarded. He’s also rather vain. Cinci shouldn’t claim him. Although, he does seem to have a capacity for reading the news.

Gus_J says:

Holy shit, did I actually halfway agree with something JT16 said? Watch out people it’s gettin’ freaky ’round here.

Erin says:

Gus & JT16 agreeing on something? I think the world is coming to an end!

Gus_J says:

Flying pigs, frozen hell, it’s all going on now 🙂

Since it’s slow in here today, y’all should watch this clip too. I saw these two on a late show last night… can’t remember which one, sorry. They are incredible –) (– Rodrigo y Gabriela are a flamenco / classical guitar duo that definitely put forth their own style. I’m stunned. Sorry if I stepped over some line here Larry… I understand if this comment should happen to go away – watch the clip though man.

Jackie says:

That clip was amazing!!!

Marilyn says:

Geeze, I have to wonder what everyone is doing today? It’s too cold to be outside.

The weather is all my fault, of course. I bought my first bike (ever, I mean in my whole life! And I’m almost old.) last Saturday and it’s been freezing cold ever since…

Jill says:

Yeah, the weather is crap. When is spring really going to get here. I’m ready!

jackula says:

i guess you had to be there. she sort of comes across as a bit of a bitch to me.

Tim says:

“i see old bob hope on the clip. does anyone out there think the guy was funny?”

Bob Hope funny? No. I never laughed at him once.

dooly says:

bob hope sucks and so does this ruth lyons. hey gross, i don ‘t need an education on what sucks, alright?

Carl says:

I don’t need no instructions to know how to rock

Gus_J says:

“i see old bob hope on the clip. does anyone out there think the guy was funny?”

Not really, but my grandparents sure thought he was a riot.

jackula says:

Not really, but my grandparents sure thought he was a riot.

so did my parents and grandparents. golly. maybe we have come a ways here.

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