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{April 16, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


Prescription drugs.

Rush Limbaugh

(Photo of Rush Limbaugh taken after eating his prescription drugs from


Marilyn says:

More specifically, those drugs that take you to nah-nah land. A perfect place for rush.

Babble On says:

God I hate this man.

Gus_J says:

I think rat bastard is one of the few that actually need mdma, I don’t think mdma and viagra have any interaction issues, so how would you prefer rat bastard? I say medicate him and give him his own walled off island. Or make him president of South Carolina. I know he was on oxy-contin and all, I just wanted to picture rat bastard rollin’ at a rave with a disco ball belt buckle.

Karen @ the hood says:

You’re funny Gus!!! I wouldn’t want you mad at me!

hard as nails says:

nice double chin.

Polly says:

You have destroyed my entire afternoon by putting up a photo of his vile human being.

Man of the Hour says:

No wonder this asshole has lost weight. He’s on drugs only now.

Joy says:

What a horse’s ass.

Matt says:

I would call this guy a loser except for the fact that he has an audience and millions of dollars.

Gus_J says:

Yeah Heather, the sex trade thing is f’d up. I learned recently that a lot of those women are kidnapped and sold into a sex slave bondage type of situation. Sometimes I just don’t get the absurd cruelty of the human race.

Gus_J says:

Matt: He’s still a loser. Donald Trump too.

Gus_J says:

Karen, me mad is actually comical. Nobody takes me serious when I’m mad. Usually this makes me laugh and not mad anymore.

Rita says:

Maybe Rush is just misunderstood and he needs a big old hug. Anyone have a couple Boa Constrictors they aren’t using at the moment? Oops! Sorry! Cruelty to animals. Or is that cruelty to reptiles? Regardless it would be cruel to poison the boa constrictors.

We’d just have to let them squeeze but not swallow. The Boas wouldn’t understand, but it would be for their own good.

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