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{April 19, 2007}   Looking Over the Old Blogroll


I like to think the Living Out Loud Blog is the most interesting one here locally, but of course that’s what you call fooling yourself. Last weekend, I looked at our blogroll and went to some other local blogs that had some pretty good stuff up.

(Hey folks, as you read on down here, anything that is typed in bold goes to a link. I don’t want to say “click here” all the time – got it?)

• Jackie Danicki writes about going to an AA meeting. I gotta tell you, I think her blog is pretty cool.

• The Dean of Cincinnati had coffee last week with Mayor Mallory. Was the mayor’s bodyguard there? Was The Dean wearing his cape?

• Heather Annastasia Siladi lives in California now but she lived here for a while and she’s a friend so I’m gonna include her here. In this post she says “Everything that is living will one day die.” How nice. That sounds like someone living in Cincinnati to me.

• C.A. MacConnell paid a visit to the Statehouse. To find out why, click here (sorry, just couldn’t help myself).

• Brian Griffin over at the Cincinnati Blog thinks Smitherman is a Loon. I think Brian likes to pick his “Loon of the Week.” I’ve been it many times.

Larry Gross

(Graphic or artwork or whatever you want to call it is from the amazing and wonderful world of the google)


Matt says:

You promoting Brian Griffin? I think the world is coming to an end.

hard as nails says:

i sense it’s going to be a slow day here.

Vickie says:

I kind of like the idea of this. I mean I see the blogroll here and on other sites I visit but I never click on them. This sort of forces the click doesn’t it? 😉

C.A. says:

update on my Statehouse trip: watch out, folks on the road. I get my
car back today. Again. Now I need to get a whole new set of bumper stickers. I have a new bumper and rear end. Well, the car has a new rear end, not me.

Marilyn says:

I think this post will spark some comments.

Like, why did Brian choose the word “stupidest”; isn’t there a better word choice?

I’m off to physical therapy this morning, but it will be interesting to see what people have to say.

BTW, Heather, I already did read your Everything will Die — good job!

And CA, I sent a letter to the editor (Kevin’s piece) about your campaign to expand medicaid coverage (and included a bit of my own medical issue woes).

I obviously have too much time on my hands!

Biscuit says:

Great set of links- I particularly enjoyed the AA meeting- We have such an intelligent group of people here, it would be interesting to discuss some of the topics that are raised in other sites.

Many says:

I think Larry likes this Jackie chick.

Scott says:

What is this? A crap version of Cincinnati Nation?

Becky says:

Can we take a poll on which post we liked the most? I liked them all, but Jackie’s was the best!

Thanks Larry and Marilyn.

I think Larry likes Jackie too! It would never work out though; she’s all bright and sunny and he’s, well.. Larry.


I liked C.A.’s the best.

Larry Gross says:

“I think Larry likes Jackie too! It would never work out though; she’s all bright and sunny and he’s, well.. Larry.”

I thought you knew me better, Heather. Scary Larry doesn’t like anybody!

Rita says:

Women are so intuitive. I agree with Heather and Many. Maybe Scarey Larry is a facade.

Karen says:

I know Larry. Once you get to know him, he’s really a softie 🙂

Chris says:

Best Posts? It’s a tie between Jackie and C.A.

Biscuit says:

I don’t know that there is a best post- they all have their own style. Each is certainly worthwhile.

Rick says:

Most Interesting one is written by The Dean.
Most personal is Jackie’s.

Del says:

This was kind of interesting today, reading posts from other blogs. Why don’t you make this a regular feature?

Tim says:

They are all interesting in their old way but I was more struck by Jackie Danicki’s post about going to AA meetings. In reading her post, I don’t think she really has a problem with drinking but she has an interesting way of saying why she’s doing it.

As far as Brian, here’s a tip my friend: Use spell check on your computer.

Kathy Patter says:

Tease Brian Griffin at the Cincinnati Blog all the time much?

Judge Judy says:

I enjoyed reading all of them except for Brian’s which seemed so out of place with the rest of them. One word kept ringing in my ear: Unprofessional.

Robin says:

Hummmmm………judging various posts. I like this.

I think Heather comes in first place.
Jackie comes in second
C.A. a very close third
The Dean: Whatever.
Brian Griffn: Ha, Ha, Ha.

hard as nails says:

jackie and larry kissing in a tree.

(maybe this than him and brian griffin)

Lonnie says:

I liked this post today and I want to repeat what others have said here. Make this a regular feature.

nickie says:

i liked c.a’s a lot, very original.

Gus_J says:

I’ve already read most of those… there’s lots o’ talent around here. Liked ’em all except for Brian Griffin’s. What a moron. I’ve caught inside comments before about him that I didn’t get and dismissed, now I understand. Dude’s as smart as a bag of hammers.

Gus_J says:

?* is a loon. Who the hell talks like that anyway? Is this guy like 90 or something? I bet he tunes in to Limbaugh every day.

Marilyn says:

Rita wrote: “Maybe Scarey Larry is a facade.”

Uh, no! Larry is evil incarnate. I know this!

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