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{April 20, 2007}   Damn Cell Phones

cell-phone-girl.jpgI’ve written about cell phones I think once in a column and me and others have written about them here also. I continue to find them a source of annoyance.

I do some consulting work at Elgin Office Equipment downtown. A girl walked into the store talking on her cell phone one afternoon.

A salesman smiled and approached her. She smiled back, waved him off and continued to talk on her phone.

She walked all through the store apparently “just looking.” She never said a word to us, just continued on with her phone. After a couple minutes, she walked out the door. No hi or bye, just in and out. Rude ya think?

A few weeks ago, I was standing in line at CVS in Clifton, wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. The guy ahead of me had a few items to purchase. As he put his stuff on the counter, he was talking on his cell phone.

He never missed a beat, didn’t talk to the woman ringing him up, never looked at her – just handed her the money and walked out of the store – talking on this fucking cell phone. Again, rude.

I had one for awhile, but soon gave it up. I just don’t need to be in constant communication with anyone.

Educate me. What’s so great about a cell phone? Does it give you an excuse to not talk to people you meet? Is talking on a cell phone constantly a reason not to be polite to other people?

Larry Gross

(Photo of very attractive girl talking on her fucking cell phone from


Jim Stanton says:

I don’t care for cell phones either, but if your car breaks down or in case of some other emergency, it is sometimes good to have that phone around.

Scott says:

Get over it, oldtimer. Cell phones are here to stay.

Polly says:

Getting ready to head on over to the bus stop and I know when I get on the bus, people will be talking on their cell phones. I’m not sure why, but I find that annoying.

Gus_J says:

Well, you said it all in the last sentence.

“Is talking on a cell phone constantly a reason not to be polite to other people?”

It’s not as much the phone as the user. Also, if you can’t drive first talk second, leave it out of reach in the car. They’ll leave a message.

Gus_J says:

Oh yeah, she’s much nicer looking than Coulter.

hard as nails says:

reason #1 to use cell phones: seeing hot chicks like this talking into one.

T. Burn says:

I’m with ya. I don’t need to be in constant communication either.

Marilyn says:

Larry, it’s all in the way people use their cell phones.

I never had one until November, 2006. I got it in preparation for driving out here in the boonies… I’m a right leg amputee and I don’t want to be stranded. Especially since I can’t walk very far without pain.

As an added bonus, my daughter and I text message each other on a daily basis. This is comforting to me after the recent loss of my son.

However, I’ve had dinner with people who have carried on long, complex conversations on their cell phones — ignoring their table mates.

Disturbing. Cell phone etiquette needs to be taught, somehow. You know, for those who don’t have a clue what is socially correct.

One time I was on my cell in the checkout at the grocery store. I felt really bad about it and apologized to the checkout lady, but it really was an emergency.

And as long as we’re getting all fogey up in here, you know what else I can’t stand? Heelys! Those shoes with the wheels in the heels. I swear I’m gonna smack the next kid who whizzes past me in the grocery store, and then I’m gonna smack his mom!


misplaced says:

I agree with Marilyn it’s all in how they are used. I like the convenience of the cell phone. What I find annoying- others may not. I don’t like cell phone’s in bookstores- to me that’s like chatting it up in church. Someone talking on the phone at a check out line bothers me less, although I wouldn’t to it. Dan, the barber, on Ludlow kicks people out when they talk on cell phones in his shop…that’s entertainment. What I hate the most is when people talk on their cell phones during sex…that’s sooooo rude and very distracting.

misplaced says:

Heather do you wait for me to post and then beat me to it?

Man of the Hour says:

Talking on your cell phone while having sex? Not me, especially if that hot babe in the photo is available.

Marilyn says:

Heather, yep I hate heelys (‘though I didn’t know they were called that!).

I still have trouble with balance and if a kid even walks toward me fast, I get nervous.

Judge Judy says:

People driving around talking on their cell phones should be outlawed. Some people simply can’t drive and talk at the same time.


I did the same thing to Biscuit yesterday. It was pretty funny.

Phone during sex?

Honey, you’re not doing something right. You could try restraints; that would be practical and entertaining.

BrianCiesko says:

Ah, people and their damn cell phones – a way to avoid being alone with the emptiness of you.

Del says:

I agree with Brian 100%. Cell phones are the root of all evil. All people who use them are fools and are going to hell in a hand basket.

Perhaps I’m only reacting.

Barbara says:

How many stories can you do on cell phones? Apparently quite a few.

Matt says:

You’re a drag and bring everybody down.

Have a nice weekend.

hard as nails says:

barbara should change her name to debbie downer

Rita says:

With my job, cell phones are a necessary evil – even after hours. I hate them except for emergencies. All day at work, it is constantly dealing with people. With the current level of violence, they are a necessary evil to receive warnings to avoid dangerous situations – would have been helpful at Virginia Tech.

My first experience with cell phones was many many years ago while dining in a restaurant in Los Angeles. I loved putting all that money down for an overpriced meal while listening to a girlie girl very full of herself in another booth speaking loudly to someone on a cellphone so that everyone could appreciate her special presence. Very rude.

C.A. says:

I used to wear one while i rode a horse. that was fun…i had to…i rode all day long. so i’d talk while i was jumping. ha. then i didn’t have one for a very long time, and I used a pigeon or paper airplanes to communicate. now i do have one. i dig it. but i know how to ignore my cell too. if i’m busy, i don’t answer. people can be rude as hell, that’s for sure.

C.A. says:

Gus, woo hoo.

Steve says:

I’m a young guy, 22 years old and I have to say I agree with old man Gross here. I hate to hell talking on the phone so why in the hell would I want to carry one with me?

Roger says:

Hey, the girl on the cell phone is cute – even beautiful. Is she local?

Gus_J says:


Gus_Patter says:

Barbara, complain much?

Gus_J says:

Had to do it Kathy… Sorry

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