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{April 21, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


Some words come rambling into my head.

• When a man loves a woman……
• Shouldn’t this guy be hooked up with Doris?
• Love me tender.
• Where the hell is the guy’s penis?
• Does this woman really want him on top of her? Won’t she be killed?

I’ll stop now. Your thoughts?

Tom Anus

(Photo of Cincinnati fat man and his lovely woman from


Roger says:

What is it with this blog and fat?

Cathy Patter says:

Love is blind much?

hard as nails says:

perhaps the girl is blind but can’t she still feel the fat?

Gus_J says:

Same nose, eyes, and earlobes, you do the math. Are those panties or bikini bottoms? She’s pretty cute either way.

Marilyn says:

Thanks Larry for showing us that obesity looks extreme and unhealthy on both sexes!

citybeat says:

Oh great Larry. First you post a private shot of my mom, then you post my parents’ wedding photo. You’re asking for it, buster.

– breen

Larry Gross says:

Hey! Breen! I had nothing to do with this. Tom Anus found the photo. You know what an anus he can be.

C.A. says:

I think she likes the pierced nipples. breen, this can’t be your dad…this guy has no privates.

Tany says:

Truly disgusting.

Marilyn says:

Hmmm, I wonder….

If I find a guy that I consider my soul mate (and I have stringent measures for this status), if WEIGHT were the only thing in the way, would I let it be a deal breaker? Girls?

Guys, what if Doris is perfect for you in every way?

David Gallaher says:

Here’s a cuter couple standing out in public:

Their sign says, “Defend Nude Culture,” in Estonian.

Matt says:

Guys, what if Doris is perfect for you in every way?

My worst nightmare.

Marilyn says:

“Lowered Expectations…”

Gus_J says:

Is that Hollins in the background? 😉

Marilyn says:

OK, let’s take a different tactic (yeah, I really should be doing anything but this…)

Is Doris more hideous than Breen’s dad (above); if so, why? You will be graded on your answer.

Gus_J says:

David, if you follow up the directory tree of your link, there are lots of nice photos of cool looking foreigners (mostly clothed.) Who and what are we looking at here? I know I’m a nosey little bastard.

What the hell is with the obsession with obesity anyway? Who cares? Worry about your own f’n body.

Having sex with someone that big probably wouldn’t be very worthwhile for either. Physics counts for something here.

I think Breen’s dad has handsome features. Doris probably too, have we even seen her face yet? Usually it’s her ass or some other cryptic angle.

Gus_J says:

“What the hell is with the obsession with obesity anyway? Who cares? Worry about your own f’n body.”

That of course was directed at Tom Anus.

Marilyn says:

Ah David, ‘twould be cuter if it were two male standing nude!

Erin says:

I think I’m about to throw up.

Tate says:

Truly a fat tub of you know what.


Thank you! Where are the fellas? Not this one, though. Eew.


Fine. I’ll just wait for Hubby to come home.

David Gallaher says:

I haven’t gone up the directory tree of my own link. I was just putting it in that here are some pretty girls defending nudism. What’s not to love?

Now I’m also putting in that nudism is a good thing, regardless of age, sex, body size or deformities. (Did I leave out any imagined deficiencies?)

Marilyn says:

Hey David, what if yer missing half a leg??

Methinks there are some folk who would freak, ya know?

hard as nails says:

nudism is a good thing

not really. looking at the fat ass in the photo makes me want to eat lettuce for the rest of my life.

David Gallaher says:

Okay, I went up the directory tree and learned how young folks “hang” in Estonia:

As I was trying to explain, “freaking” is a deficiency in the “freakee.”

Larry Gross says:

“looking at the fat ass in the photo makes me want to eat lettuce for the rest of my life.”

Iceberg lettuce? Just say no!

Gus_J says:

Yeah, I saw that one, there are some great shots.

I agree David. It’s worth pointing out that cultures that don’t wear clothes aren’t nearly hung up on their own bodies, but then again, they propagate like rabbits. Go figure.

Gus_J says:

Alright already ladies… Naked dudes from the 60’s. Don’t be shy, we’ll call it art 🙂

Polly says:

You make me laugh but you’re also gross. These naked guys from the 60’s – now old are they now? Would I want to see them nude in 2007 🙂

Marilyn says:

Gus J, I’m really annoyed. Why is it all male erotica pictures men flacid? Women want more!

David, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes. I know for a fact that there is a certain sector out there that would find my deficiency very appealing… but would I be interested in that kind of interest?

Larry, every time I eat iceberg lettuce, I think of you!! I’m not sure at all what this means… damn, I eat iceberg lettuce everyday!

Gus_J says:

Polly, thanks, late 50’s, maybe?? I don’t think of old people when I see the human form. Maybe when you’re 60 and I’m 60 we can get together and look at some nudie pictures.

Marilyn, I think a couple of those guys have a little wood, I don’t know though… I think that’s the difference in art and porn for some reason. It works the other way too. One pose is art, if you see the good-bits in their ready status it turns into something else. I’m sure with some googling you can find what you’re after.

Marilyn says:

“Good Bits!” lol!

Yeah, and I don’t want that reputation, my e-mail governator will ‘label me’ to be sure!… I’m just being cantankerous.

Steve says:

Man, so much to do over a fat guy. Get over it!!

David Gallaher says:

“I know for a fact that there is a certain sector out there that would find my deficiency very appealing… but would I be interested in that kind of interest?”
You sound like Groucho Marx: “I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member.”

Speaking of “members,” may I lick your stump?

will says:

god. so fat. you sicken me.

David Gallaher says:

It was propagation, I know
And it might have ended
Right there at the start
Just a passing glance,
Just a brief romance
And I might have gone
On my way empty-hearted

Marilyn says:

David, if you could stand it, so could I.

David Gallaher says:

I hope everyone noticed how, in Estonia, one can “hang” and “chill” simultaneously. (I’m on the payroll of the Estonia Chamber of Commerce.)

Okay, Marilyn, now we’re getting somewhere! But first, could we pick up where we left off about the state of pubic hair today? Or lack thereof.
Is it like the honey bees? Taken up by the Rapture?
(Some of my personal ones were taken off in preparation for the operation on the Rupture.)

Marilyn says:

David, I’m a bit lost tonite… mourning the lost of my son has kinda taken over…. it’s just a thang.

Pubic hair, I took a spell wherein I shaved it all. but i’m over that now.

Marilyn says:

The rapture… does anyone realize this is a concept which has only been realized in the last 100 years in America? and that it is Bullshit?

David Gallaher says:

As Scarlett O’Hara liked to say, “Today is another day.” Hope this one is better for you.

RE pubic hair
For some reason I feel the need to wax rhapsodic about it.
I think many of us do, Larry.

Marilyn says:

Yep, David, this is tomorrow and it’s much better. It’s earth day AND my birthday!

I think I’ll leave pubic hair alone today (but waxing poetic and/or rhapsodic are great choices of words!).

Remind me not to drink and post in the future. Larry feel free to edit me if I’m annoyingly drunk or obviously stupid in the future…

Rats! I’m sorry I waited until today to come back, I missed the party!


Thanks! Very tasteful. (Yummy.)


Things like missing limbs are incongruities; unexpected. They cause us to take a double-take. They may even be off-putting for some. But most people will quickly see that a missing limb has no bearing on who a person is, and I think the same holds true for sexual attraction. Once you get to know someone, and are attracted to them, you wouldn’t care about the missing limb.

Your son is a whole other issue. That’s a a missing piece of you that will be harder to come to terms with. I wish I knew a way to ease your pain.


I haven’t eaten iceberg lettuce since I left Cincinnati, but I don’t think I would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out. It seems to me that other lettuces were more expensive in Ohio. Here, I can get a head of Romaine or Green Leaf Lettuce for about $1.25.

C.A. says:

Doh! Hollins in the background! Gus is in the doghouse. you little shit.

Gus_J says:

Took ya long enough 😉

Don’t you remember the activists that went around campus nude? I can’t even remember what they were protesting. I remember uptight Roanoke went apeshit.
No offense love, just a joke.

fa2x0vr says:

I don’t understand and can’t believe that people can be this mean and this misinformed. People are people, no matter what the size. All you any of you can is that he is fat. Hasn’t anyone thought that perhaps the woman in the photo is happy and pleased that he is fat, because she is attracted to him that way. No “lowered expectations” involved. Not everyone has the same preference. Can’t you see the happiness and pleasure on both their faces. She feels comfortable and secure by her big man.

This society has taken a sizist attitude. Large people aren’t looking for pity or a hand out, they like everyone else just want to be respected and given decent human consideration. And for the record his penis is there, it’s a grow-er, not a show-er. He probably has a bigger penis then kll the gents on this blog, including me. But you wouldn’t understand that because you are all full of stereotypical thinking and bigoted views. Standing in judgement based on a manipulated bias and baseless discrimination. Why can’t you just see the picture for what it is: two people having a good time at the beach and having a photo taken to immortalize the moment in time. How crude and cruel is it for you to post this photo and degrade these people. How about you post pics of yourself instead and degrade yourself. You won’t do it because you wouldn’t appreciated, just in the same way these to people in the photo wouldn’t appreciate it in knowing that their photo was being used to mock them and their moment.

James says:

Hey Tom Anus <<<<<<<<<< Who cares if this guy is fat, I really think your jealous cause he got a women and the only thing your holding onto is your dick in your right hand and your keyboard in the other…

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