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{April 22, 2007}   1234


Now and then I go to the old Google and type in Feist to find out if she’s coming to Cincinnati to perform. Sadly no.

Since the birth of this blog, I’ve put up three of her videos and they still get watched here. Hey Feist, shouldn’t that tell you that you need to bring your tour here?

She has a new album that’s coming out tomorrow – “The Reminder.” Below is a cool new video from the album – a song called “1234.”

Enjoy your Sunday.

Larry Gross

(Photo of Feist from MTV)


jackula says:

yep, i learned about feist here and enjoyed the videos just like i enjoyed this one this morning. i’ll be out and about this week looking for her new cd.

Karen says:

Really cool video 🙂

Phil says:

It’s a nice video, but you tend to repeat yourself a lot. There is a lot of good music out there – pick some other artists.

Gus_J says:

Feist is great, I hope she doesn’t let any more banks use her music in their commercials though. Cool video, original.

Robin says:

Fiest video’s are always cool. She hasn’t done a bad one yet.

kathy says:

this is cool, dude 🙂

Rapid Shave says:

She can sing and is one hot chick too. A combination I can’t resist.

Brenda says:

I don’t usually write comments on music videos and don’t usually watch them but I must tell you that I watched this one three times. I love all the dancing and the song is haunting and pretty. This one I liked!

Jim Stanton says:

I very much enjoyed it this afternoon.

Wonderful video, upbeat melody, but I couldn’t understand a word she said.

Cathy Patter says:

I couldn’t understand a word she said.

Picky much?

Brian Ciesko says:

Yeh, it IS sometimes hard to decipher her lyrics but Feist has a very enchanting way of singing and expressing herself. Who new a Canadian could have such a mystique, huh?
I would never have heard her songs if not for the trusty ol’ LOLblog either.Thanks Larry.

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