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{April 23, 2007}   Monday’s Lunch


Left over pizza found in the trash can at CiN Weekly.


(Photo of Henry found on Mr. Google)


Jill says:

Henry is a cute thing isn’t he? 🙂

Jackie says:

What a punk!

hard as nails says:

what a cute little rodent. notice i said the word rodent.

Marilyn says:

I love ya Henry! The spiky hair treatment suits you!


OMG! cute with a capital Q sQuirrel!!!!

Cathy Patter says:

Cute as hell much?

Phil says:

I’m assuming he’s not eating La Rosa’s.

C.A. says:

I used to have a tiny Maltese dog named Tater and once, when we were out of the house, she ate a whole pizza. When we got home, she was sittin there, all sick, with cheese hangin from her face like a beard. We had to take her to get her stomach pumped. Poor Tate.

Jennifer White says:

He’s sooooooooooo lovable. I wish I could have him.

David Gallaher says:

As a lifelong bird watcher and squirrel shooter (hee hee), I was wondering if anyone, besides moi, has seen a black squirrel in the wild.
I understand there may be a few up in Glendale that stowed away years ago on those rich bastards’ wooden-sided station wagons when they returned from northern Michigan.
To summarize: You got your gray squirrels in the ‘hood here. Your red or fox squirrels out in the boondocks, and the occasional black squirrel here and there.
The specimen shown is probably from Italy.

Marilyn says:

Dang, yer olde David!

I’m out here in the boonies and we see red squirrels. I’ve never seen a black one.

I do watch and feed birds, but no shooting.

My little brother shot a flying squirrel in the ’60’s. Yeah, it was illegal, but things weren’t as stringent back then.

It made him sick to kill. He’s never hunted anything since. We still have the squirrel (taxidermied) somewhere at my mother’s house.

David Gallaher says:

When I said I was a squirrel shooter, I didn’t mean the animal pictured above. wink.

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