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{April 24, 2007}   I’ve never been to Maine



I’ve never been to Maine.

My grandma owns a house in Florida and my sister who also just had a baby bought a new Jeep and said I could ride with them so basically, free trip to Florida minus my food and beer money.

I’m going to apply at Delta. I used to work at Comair, got to fly for free. People used to fly to Maine all the time for lobsters. In fact, one of the guys I was friends with at delta was from Maine and he told me lots of stories.

I miss the airport.

Do you have any ideas for another stay at home job for me? Besides babysitter, phone sex operator or envelope stuffer???

Candy Apple

(Photo of Candy’s stomach who has never been to Maine is from Deviant Art)


Mac says:

Do you have any ideas for another stay at home job for me?

…..frankly anything but writing.

Polly says:

If you miss the airport, why don’t you hop on a plane right now?

Kind of kidding, kind of not. Your posts usually don’t work and I know I’m not alone in thinking that.

Jenny says:

Funny post, Candy. I think some here don’t understand your humor.

hard as nails says:

perhaps this story would have been better if you had shown us your apples.

misplaced says:

Driving to Florida in a Jeep sound torturous- you may want to wear a sports bra. Why are you posed in front of a big loaf of Wonderbread and what does this have to do with your belly? – just curious.

C.A. Mac says:

I think I’ll go get my navel pierced. Again.

Babble On says:

You again? Candy, your stories are rambling, have no meaning and are boring.

dooly says:

nice stomach, really, really, really bad post.

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