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{April 26, 2007}   Cincinnati Photo of the Week


The girl drinking from a pitcher of beer while taking a piss or dump on the toilet is

A. LOL Girl caught at a bad moment.
B. Teri Archer caught in a routine moment.
C. A writer in her office over at CiN Weekly.
D. Really a guy in drag who appears to have very cute legs.
E. We don’t know what it is – just found in on the internet.

Tom Anus

(Actually, we know where we found this –


Matt says:

How come I can never meet women like this?

Joe says:

Her damn hand is in the wrong place!

Vickie says:

Hey! She’s not fat!! Maybe you guys are over that. Hope so 🙂

dooly says:

my guess it’s not teri archer. if it were her, she would be naked.

Eddie says:

Just goes to prove that you can’t really buy beer. You can only rent it.

jackula says:

must be drinking bud.

Marilyn says:

She has beautiful nails!

Justin says:

She has beautiful nails!

and a taste for beer!

Marilyn says:

I like looking at pretty girls and I like drinking beer. Wonder what this makes me? A dude?

Nope, just someone who can appreciate somebody pretty, no matter what the gender. And beer, well that’s an aquired taste that I have, indeed, acquired…

cathy patter says:

drunk bitch much?

I’m not a big fan beer.

Or watching people go potty.

Oh well, it could certainly be worse!

I told you, I’m not a big fan beer!

I’m not think as you drunk I am, Ociffer!

That’s ridiculous, I can’t recite the alphabet backwards when I’m straight either!

Marilyn says:

Hey Larry, what’s with the new “edit” feature? Does this mean if I post drunk I can go back and fix it??!! Only after sobering up, of course.

Edit feature? What, what?

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