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{January 12, 2007}   How I Miss Ewe


I know I’m not the only boy who grew up on a farm and had an intimate relationship with one of the animals.

I got the idea from my friend Jake, who told me he fucked one of the sheep at his place. Hell, my family had sheep! I just never thought of sticking my dong in one. Once I tried it, though, I knew I’d be back for more.

Her name was Angel, but she sure didn’t act like one. I could tell after a few “visits” that Angel liked it as much as I did.

This went on from the time I was 13 until I was 18 and met Missy. (She was a girl in our class, and she liked it even more than Angel.) All these years later, I’d never want to have sex with an animal again, but I can tell you that it offers the same pleasure without all the yammering and taking out to dinner that’s involved in dating. Nature’s a beautiful thing.

Jake told me he tried it once with a chicken, but it died. I was always faithful to Angel.

Mike Hunt

(Photo of Mike’s Angel:


Karen says:

Someone has to comment first.

No comment 😦

hard as nails says:

…..old mcdonald had a farm…..

Polly says:

Just a little too much for me. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Man of the Hour says:

“Jake told me he tried it once with a chicken, but it died.”

I bet it made a great Sunday dinner.

Barbara says:

Why do the writers here so often find it necessary to shock us with this kind of material? No, I’m not Jean and I don’t want this site removed but you go to writing smart stories – then to something like this. You know it’s disgusting and sickening and you know people are going to get upset by it. I just want to know why do you do this?

Angie says:

At least the title is funny.

Biscuit says:

This is crap. Its only purpose is to shock and it doesn’t even do that very well.

Rita says:

This is repulsive and simply for shock value. If I wanted shock or repulsion, I would replay Bush’s recent war speech.

Dandy says:

I don’t know. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

Heather says:


I’m sorry I asked what could be worse than anal sex (I knda figured I would be).

This is starting to get boring.

Babble On says:

Jake told me he tried it once with a chicken, but it died

was it finger lickin’ good?

Justin says:

It’s just too much. Really bad taste.

Art says:

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad it’s funny.

hard as nails says:

paging mike hunt. paging mike hunt. has anyone seen mike hunt?

Joe says:

Man, so many negative comments – but you have to take your hat off to the editor here. Some things are going to work and some aren’t. At least it’s very, very out there. I sort of thought it was funny.,

Beth says:

Screwing the sheep, ok –screwing a chicken? Come on.

bobby says:

you have to admit, it’s original.

Matt says:

Amazing. Again, if you don’t like, simply don’t read it.

Duke says:


Didn’t I see you once at La Rosa’s with Angel?

ED says:

I guess I have no taste. I guess I’m disgusting. I guess I’m going to hell. I thought the damn thing was extremely funny.

Susan says:

I was always faithful to Angel.

God, you’re an asshole.

Marilyn says:

I was raised in the country — have I said this before?!

A word of advice from one of my country cousins (male): The best way to make love to a lamb is to — You put on boots, loosely laced, position the sheep in front of a pond or stream. Place the lambie’s back feet into the boots. The lamb will continually back up from the water and yet will remain in place since you have its hoofies in yer boots.

Yeah, a country boy can survive.

Dela says:

Are you married? Does your wife know that you did this?

Jeff says:

Where’s your sheep now, cut up in your freezer?

Ferguson says:

This is really funny. Uptight Cincinnati folks can’t see the HUMOR in this at all. Keep pushing it, Mike.

Del says:

I know you do a lot of drugs. What were you on when you wrote this story?

Lynn says:

Down on the farm stories due nothing for me.

John says:

Where the hell is Jean. Did this post kill her?

Angel the Ewe says:

You have totally overestimated yourself. I have returned to my long term relationship with Roger Ram – he has been been able to forgive my indiscretion; he provides me total satisfaction as a woman. Perhaps you should go choke the chicken.

PS I thought you said your name was Troy.??????

hard as nails says:

please remember that mike’s love chicken is now dead.

Marilyn says:

Angel, you hussy! You’ve been with Mike AND Troy??? After I wrote that love letter to Troy, I hope he’s forgotten all about ewe.

Troy says:

Marilyn and I will be together this weekend. She’s looking forward to my “Love-Wart.”

Marilyn says:

Dammit, Darling Troy! I told you that you have to lose the love wart and THEN I will rock your world!

Brian says:

Oh, for the days when men were men

and sheep were scared.

Angel the Ewe says:

Don’t worry Brian; we sheep are still scared.

Tim says:

By far, your worst post ever. Try to get back on track.

D.K. says:

Not at all funny or shocking. Just sickening.

Lew says:

I guess I don’t see how a human could do it with a chicken. Wouldn’t you split the hen open?

Irene says:

I’m not coming back here ever again. This story was beyond bad taste. Goodbye.

Jean says:

No, I didn’t die of shock from this post like most of you wanted me to. It’s the same old thing.

Vile, stupid, disgusting, offensive, basically not for Cincinnati.

I’ll be back next week to close this down. John Fox will be calling me back early on to discuss this mess of a web site. Needless to say, I have a lot to talk about.

Marilyn says:

Lew, not if you are Troy!

hard as nails says:

Lew, not if you are Troy!

yes. marilyn is right. troy has a very small penis, the size or a toothpick actually.

Laura says:

I loved the post and I love the comments. Here in Cincinnati, I’ve found a place — shit a blog that is really out there, you know? Keep doing what you’re doing guys & gals. You’re great.

Charlie Tuna says:

Sex in Cincinnati with animals. Who ‘a thought.

Babble On says:

I think Angel the sheep is really LOL Bitch.

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