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{January 14, 2007}   AC-DC?


Am I bisexual? I don’t think so. I usually prefer to be with a man – a real man who knows how to touch a woman, not a little boy who plays around or brings me flowers or candy.

A real man knows how to hold me, knows how to be tender when I want it and knows how to pound me hard until I think my heart is going to stop. Real men are hard to find in Cincinnati. I’ve said that here before.

But sometimes being with a woman is good and what I need. My friend Theresa knows how to kiss me all over – from my toes, to my pussy, to my nipples, to my mouth. She is the best French kisser I have ever been with.

I like the way she sucks my oyster. I have one orgasm after another.

We get together in my bed on occasion, but then I’m back to looking for a man. Maybe I’m just bi curious. Maybe I’m just naughty.

LOL Girl

(Photo: Taken my LOL Girl’s oyster sucking lover Theresa with Mike Hunt supervising the shoot who then sent it to the Internet and who we must give credit for. Also, please note that in the post above, not once did we mention the word penis.)


Linda says:

Maybe I’m just bi curious

Nothing wrong with that. I experiment myself.

Amy says:

You say maybe you’re just naughty. I think you know very well that you are naughty and doing it on purpose.

With this site, so often I can’t tell what is a joke and what isn’t. If you’re real, then I feel really sad for you. In all your posts, you come across as someone who desperately needs to be loved. You go about it in all the wrong ways.

hard as nails says:

amy girl, this is all in fun. don’t make it heavy trying to figure this person out.

Beaver Head says:

Sunday morning…….coffee…….cigarettes……..Reading LOL Girl……..jacking off.

A WONDERFUL way to start the day. Yes, yes, yes.

Helen says:

I like the way she sucks my oyster.

There is no way a girl would be writing this. Girls don’t say “suck my oyster.”

Eddie says:

Move those hands of yours so we can look at your oyster –you big tease.

Barbara says:

Simply a wonderful post yesterday. Now back to this kind of stuff. I don’t understand what kind of audience this site is looking for at all. I keep coming back looking for the good posts and there are a few, but more and more it’s shock material.

Flannagan says:

She has a nice shape, but needs to put on a few pounds. Not much of a writer.

Janice says:

Maybe I’m just bi curious. Maybe I’m just naughty.

Maybe you’re just trash.

Donny says:

I am so glad you have come back. I’ve been waiting for your next story.

I think I’m in love with you. How do I meet you? Please reply.

Larry Gross says:

“I don’t understand what kind of audience this site is looking for at all.”


When a person clicks on this blog, I don’t want them to have any idea what they are going to find. Just like life, the LOL blog is all over the place and there is no way I want it to be predictable.

Sometimes we want to entertain or to be funny. Other days we want to inform you as to what’s going on in Cincinnati and yes, sometimes we want to shock you.

Again, just like life, some days we’re better at what we do than others – but we keep trying and yep, we keep pushing.

Barb, I hope you stay with us.

Matt says:


Get a grip, my friend. I’m telling you again this girl isn’t real.

LOL Girl says:

“Maybe you’re just trash.”

Maybe you’re just jealous 🙂

hard as nails says:

if you like your oyster sucked, think you should hook up with troy, take advantage of his love wart.

Polo Stick says:

LOL Girl, my sweet beautiful woman. I’ll pound you until your heart almost stops anytime you like. You don’t need this Theresa chick.

Joanie says:

What would be a new year without having a garbage story from this LOL asshole. Yes, girls can be assholes too but I doubt if this is really a girl. If she is, she’s a slut. No woman with any kind of class at all would talk about having her oyster “sucked.”

If you can believe this person’s words, all you guys coming on to her come across like the little boys she so clearly detest.

Or maybe she’s that sheep this other asshole Mike Hunt was having sex with last Friday.

I don’t mean to sound like Jean but this site is going to hell in a hand basket.

Will says:

LOL girl,
your arms are hairy.

Marilyn says:

Will, I’m hoping that is just the lighting! You made me look closely and yeah, the one arm does look gnarly hairy — like Michael Landon in Teenage Werewolf!

In the meantime, LOL girl, I’m fairly jealous… Here you are having a good time with not one, but both sexes!

hard as nailsl says:

joanie, you are way too uptight. come here baby, i got what you need.

Tate says:

Wow, the girls really get upset when LOL girl shows up here. Maybe she’s right, maybe they are jealous but of what? This person admits herself it is all a big tease.

By the way, yes – it is the lighting that’s making her arm look a little hairy.

Roger says:

Your legs really turn me on.

LOL Girl says:

“LOL girl, I’m fairly jealous… Here you are having a good time with not one, but both sexes!”

Come join Theresa and I 🙂

Dewy says:

You look like a tall drink of water and I’m pretty thirsty. I could kiss your body all day, sweet child.

jackula says:

She is the best French kisser I have ever been with.

women are always better at this, trust me.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Beth says:

How many of you guys here today making fools of yourself are married?

Dana says:

So you and Mike Hunt know one another. Figures.

Matt says:

Welcome back, Jeff-or-ly –where the hell you been? It takes LOL Girl to get you back here?

Hannah says:

This all seems dumb to me. Let the horny guys have the blog today.

Jackie says:

I’m still very much a fan of this blog, but don’t you think the LOL joke is running thin? What in the world are you going to have her to next – have sex with a dog or something?

Dodger says:

I bet if I sucked your oyster, I’d find a pearl inside 🙂

hard as nails says:

What in the world are you going to have her to next – have sex with a dog or something?

i think it’s the or something. probably mike hunt.

Liz says:

I commented on your last post to write about sleeping with a woman. You did! Thank you! I enjoyed reading it.

Derrick says:

I find the post and all the comments very amusing. Thanks for the entertainment today. LOL Girl, please come back again.

LOL Girl says:

You look like a tall drink of water and I’m pretty thirsty.

I’m filled up at present 🙂

Karen says:

I can only assume LOL girl is a character much like this Troy who lives in Hyde Park and has a penis the size of a toothpick – his words, not mine. Why don’t you have some of your characters meet. Wouldn’t it be fun for Troy to have an night out with LOL Girl, then they both head over to Marilyn’s house for a threesome?

Rally says:

Love your hair,

Love your face,

The words you write,

Are a total disgrace.

Larry Gross says:

I’m deeply hurt. You don’t think Troy with his toothpick penis and “love-wart” is real?

Donny says:

LOL Girl,

Please answer my comment. Please.

Man of the Hour says:

Rally is quite the poet isn’t he?



I’ll pound you 24/7 babe.

Jackie says:

I don’t really like the idea of LOL girl meets Troy. Actually I’m getting tired of these made-up posts. I think it’s better here when it’s true to life.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

You got nice feet and legs sister, but you need meat on those bones. Can’t see your tits, I’m guessing they’re small. You still interesting in hanging around the old pole?

Denise says:

Tasteless and disgusting here lately. I don’t plan on coming back.

hard as nails says:

this donny dude is a dunce, getting on my nerves.

Maria says:

Guys in Cincinnati must be hungry for any kind of sex talk. I have never seen so many men behaving badly. Kid of funny.

Babble On says:

LOL girl,

Why don’t you and Teri Archer hook up? She’s always looking for new adventures in sex. Maybe you lovebirds could do it in the middle of the road somewhere. Teri no longer likes beds.

LOL Girl says:

“So you and Mike Hunt know one another. Figures.”

I have seen Mike Hunt 🙂

Mike Hunt says:

Oh, how we danced!

Frank says:

How come we never see your face bitch, I mean, LOL Girl?

Tim Graves says:

“I like the way she sucks my oyster.”

I’m assuming oysters on the half-shell, but I’m from Cincinnati and could be wrong.

Karen says:

Yes, an adventure with LOL Girl and Teri Archer. They both kind of want the same things 🙂

Geri says:

I Think LOL girl is lonely. I feel sorry for her.

Man of the Hour says:

What in the world are you going to have her do next – have sex with a dog or something?

………..No, I couldn’t handle that, would be way to much, way too gross.

When do you think it will run?

Debbie says:

I’m really getting sick of all the sex stuff here. Life isn’t all sex. Can you talk about something else next week?

Karen @ the hood says:

Tim Graves has the best comment. That’s all I’m going to say!! Reading LOL Girl is funny but I don’t want to comment on all the dirty stuff being said here.

Biscuit says:

“I like the way she sucks my oyster.”

You should name your oyster.
How about Ollie?
Ollie the Oyster

hard as nails says:

Ollie the Oyster

would make a great cartoon for saturday mornings.

puff-on-it says:

you light my fire.

Rated X says:

I would like to strip you, tie you to the bed and pound you to death.

If only you were real.

Man of the Hour says:

How about Ollie?
Ollie the Oyster

Excellent suggestion. LOL Girl’s Oyster should write her own post.

jackula says:

L…oh, so lonely….girl,

let me kiss and suck your oyster.

Shellie says:

I’m amazed this LOL Girl Shit is still getting lots of comments. After the first couple, it stopped being funny.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I’m free for lunch.


that picture is of julia roberts. isn’t it?

Larry Gross says:

“that picture is of julia roberts. isn’t it?”

don’t say anything. we don’t want people to know julia is really LOL Girl.


ewwwww…..julia is pregnant!


oh and, in the immortal words of margaret cho–“i’m not bisexual, I’m just a slut–where’s my parade?!?”

Larry Gross says:

Rumor at CityBeat is that Mike Hunt is the father.

hard as nails says:

really? i thought it was this jeff-or-ly dude.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hell no, I’m the father. : )

Donny says:

LOL Girl,
When will you come back to us?

Do-Da says:

Nice hairy arms 😦

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